Mrs Jean S. - Shanklin

I had terrible trouble with my knee for many years. Thanks to the wonderful staff at The LittleJohn Clinic, the pain is beginning to subside.

Miss Gemma C. - Newport

When I pulled my hamstring doing gymnastics, The LittleJohn Clinic was recommeded to me by trainer. The help they gave me ensured a swift recovery.

Mr Richard R. - Sandown

I have suffered in silence with pain in my lower back for many years now. I was advised to see an osteopath. The LittleJohn Clinic have made me realise that my pain was treatable, and it's no longer a problem. Great service.

Mr John M. - Apse Heath

I was under the impression that nothing much could be done to help my osteoarthritis, until a friend gave me the number for The LittleJohn Clinic. They helped me far beyond anything I expected. Thank you guys.

Mr Harry W. - Newchurch

I would like to thank you all for your help.

Mrs Doris B. - Shanklin

I had a fall in town and sprained my ankle. Kiron and the team helped me get my ankle back to normal, and i've never looked back.

Miss Chloe M. - Lake

When I was pregnant with my dauther, I suffered terribly with carpal tunnel syndrome. The LittleJohn Clinic helped make me comfortable to the point I barely noticed it at all. Thank you all so much!

Mrs Barbara L. - Brading

I had a car crash a few months ago, nothing serious, but I did sustain a whiplash injury. I went to the clinic a few days later and very quickly the pain and stiffness had completely vanished. I was back at work in no time and I have The LittleJohn Clinic to thank for it.